About me:

Hi There !

This is Ben Lombard here, welcome to the Future! I am a computer enthusiast, been working in the I.T industry for nearly 35 years and I am fanatical about electronic gadgets and gizmo’s, always excited to find out more about the latest technological advancements and I am always looking to discover the next best thing, I am sure you will agree – we live in exciting times!

I am absolutely fascinated with all kinds of technology – from¬† Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality products, drones, electronic devices and gizmo’s,¬† and as an enthusiast, having tried and tested some of these out myself, I foresee and look with expectation towards the future, believing that if we can conceive it in the mind, we can also build it. I enjoy doing research and information gathering on finding my next best buy. I know how frustrating it can be to be bombarded by hyped up advertising and finding the item that provides the best “Bang” for your budget and, I hope to assist you in making an informed decision about your next buy!

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